Welcome to Children in Motion

Movement and muscle work plays a vital role in the way a child responds to motor, emotional and social demands. It is vital that children are equipped with the skills they need to be successful in the world. Their world includes developing a warm and loving relationship with their family, playing and communicating with their peers, acquiring age appropriate motor skills, school performance as well as developing positive self-esteem.

At Children in Motion, education is emphasized to empower the parents so that they may assume the role of advocacy for their child. Having the ability to use the concepts and theories introduced in treatment sessions on a daily basis allows parents and their child meet each day with success and enjoyment.

Welcome Sadie!

Sadie is a sweet, loving and gentle dog who adores and works very well with children. She is working alongside Michaelene as a co-therapist during treatment sessions to help children reach their goals.

The therapeutic use of animals is overwhelmingly positive and Sadie has already made a positive impact in the lives of children and their families. Learn more about Sadie, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities by contacting Michaelene.