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Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Sandy Springs, GA

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Our therapy dog Sadie is a vital part of the team at Children In Motion. Sadie & Michaelene work together to provide animal assisted occupational therapy in the clinic, in addition to animal assisted interventions in the community.

Animal Assisted Therapy

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We love partnering with schools to optimize the learning environment by serving both students & teachers alike through program development, student support, professional development, & more.

School Consultations

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Using a formal OT evaluation as our guide post, our experienced occupational therapist craft powerful treatment plans that provide just the right amount of challenge in a fun, safe environment so that your child makes steady progress towards their goals.

Therapy Sessions

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Whether you are interested in getting an initial evaluation, or in need of a re-evaluation, our talented occupational therapists can provide the clarity you seek through our OT assessments.


Michaelene and her team are knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate providers. In addition to her knowledge of fine motor development in children, Michaelene's deep awareness of sensory processing really stands out. - Avital C.

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We are happy to report that we are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and accept Medicaid & Katie Beckett. If you have health insurance with a different insurance company we are more than willing to provide itemized bills and any other documents requested should you choose to file for out of network coverage.

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Check out our free resource ‘The Beginners Guide to Occupational Therapy’! We cover all the basics - what is OT? how can OT help your child? how do you know your child needs OT? Plus we talk about insurance!

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