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Studies show that therapy animals can positively affect one’s mental, social, and physical wellness. So in 2015, after years of wanting to incorporate animal assisted therapy into therapy sessions, we took the plunge and adopted Sadie.

Animal Assisted Occupational Therapy at Children In Motion

Relaxing outside in the backyard, ideally on a patch of monkey grass, listening to all of the birds

On the weekends I enjoy..

Lower back

Fav Scratch Spot:

Bruster's pup cup

Go to treat:

Spending time playing games & loving on our clients (and all the scratches!)

Favorite part of my job:

Therapy Animal, Official Office Greeter

My role at Children In Motion:

Meet Our Therapy Animal Sadie

My son has been working with Michaelene for 4 years and she has made a world of difference with him. He was struggling with yet-undiagnosed processing issues as well as needing help with fine motor skills and some gross motor skills. Every session with her, she is clear, positive, helpful and most of all my son adores her. Now with the addition of Sadie the therapy dog, we can't get him to want to leave after his sessions! - Jennifer W.

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Sadie helps lead animal assisted therapy activities in a few different settings. In the gym, Sadie participates in all types of animal assisted interventions. First and foremost, Sadie is our designated greeter. Every time someone comes into the gym, Sadie's job is to greet them and make sure they feel welcome (we always ask our guests for permission before Sadie says hello).

During therapy sessions, when appropriate & approved by parents, Sadie helps our clients reach their goals by providing companionship, comfort, and a partner to play with. We also give our clients the opportunity to help train Sadie new tricks (which is an excellent opportunity to work on communication skills & self confidence).

Outside of the gym, Sadie has experience being a reading therapy dog for elementary aged children struggling with reading aloud, in addition to visiting local hospitals and college campuses to provide comfort & stress relief.

Animal Assisted Interventions

Sadie & Michaelene are a Therapy Animal Team through Pet Partners. To become certified they had to meet specific criteria and completed close to 400 hours of training to prepare for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test.

The CGC tests 10 skills - Accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, appearance & grooming, walking on a loose lead, walking through a crowd, Sit/down on command and staying in place, coming when called, reaction to another dog, reaction to distraction, supervised separation.

Training is just as much for the animal as it is for the handler. Therapy Animal Handlers are responsible for reading their animal’s behavior and protecting them from uncomfortable situations where they either get hurt or feel they have to protect themselves.

Every two years Sadie & Michealene have to get retested to ensure their skills (and communication) is up to par.

Animal Therapy Training

Can accompany their companion wherever they go. Their companion does not need to ask permission.


Undergo specific training to perform tasks specific to their companions disability.


Anywhere their companion goes.


Provide assistance with daily tasks to promote independent living, recongnize when thier companion needs help & get help when needed.


Service Dog

Can visit public places with permission.


Be even tempered & gravitate towards human interaction, know basic obedience & pass the Canine Good Citizens Test every two years.


Hospitals, therapy clinics, schools, community centers, nursing homes, (safe) disaster areas, ect.


Provide comfort to those in need.


Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog vs Service Dog

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